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Rainn Wilson Reveals What Dwight Schrute Would Be Doing During the Pandemic (Video)

Yeah, he’d probably be testing homemade vaccines on Jim

James Corden asked the most important question anyone has asked during this pandemic during his interview with Rainn Wilson on Tuesday’s “Late Late Show”: What would Dwight Schrute be doing right now?

And after filling many of our pandemic hours with old episodes of “The Office,” our imagination is running wild thinking of all the ways Wilson’s beloved assistant-to-the-regional-manager character would cope. Luckily, Wilson did not disappoint with his answer.

“That would be great. Dwight during a pandemic would be fantastic. If the show were still being made today, I would be getting paid a lot of money, which would be fantastic,” he joked. “But Dwight, oh my God. You’ve got so much going on right now. So pandemic. You’ve got Dwight fighting the pandemic. You’ve got Dwight building his own vaccine, his own antibodies. Maybe doing secret tests on people in the office.”

Oh no, poor Jim (John Krasinski). Hey, we guess you, Pam, Cece and Phillip could be the first to be saved from the coronavirus?

Wilson, who stars in Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming thriller series “Utopia,” which is coincidentally about a pandemic, says Dwight would also be “all in” on pandemic conspiracy theories.

“He’d be all in on, like, 5G cell towers and Hillary Clinton. Anything you can possibly imagine, he would be all in on the conspiracy theory.”

Watch Wilson’s full interview with Corden in the video above.