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‘The Office’ Leaves Netflix Next Month – Here’s How to Watch It in January

NBC’s hit workplace comedy ”The Office“ leaves Netflix Dec. 31

NBC’s classic 2000s sitcom “The Office” leaves Netflix along with 2020 at 12:00 a.m. Jan. 1. This means that as of this writing, you have just 14 more days to watch the beloved comedy on the service.

Netflix does regularly shuffle its content library based on licensing and competition from other streamers, and a handful of other shows are leaving the service this month, including “Dexter,” “The West Wing,” and Edie Falco’s “Nurse Jackie.”

But that’s cold comfort for people who got used to firing up the Netflix app and binging on their favorite old episodes of “The Office” whenever they felt like. Luckily, “The Office” isn’t going away, it’s just moving to another location. You’ll still be able to find it and watch it whenever you want, assuming you’re willing to subscribe to another streaming app.

And in fact, you won’t even have to pay for some episodes of “The Office,” which in our opinion is pretty good news if you’re just a casual fan of the show or don’t yet have the money for a new streaming service.

In January, “The Office” is moving from Netflix to NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock, which launched April 15. Peacock has about 26 million subscribers and features a ton of NBC content, including hits like Tina Fey’s “30 Rock,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Dateline,” “Law and Order: SVU” and “Saturday Night Live.” NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell said recently that he thinks Peacock will count 35 million subscribers by the year 2024.

Even before Peacock was given a name, NBCUniversal said it would pull “The Office” as an exclusive for the streaming service. The show is one of its most popular sitcoms and NBCUniversal is banking on its success to drive subscribers to its new platform in 2021.

So come Jan. 1, “The Office” moves to Peacock, and fans who migrate over there to watch will get the first two seasons for no extra charge with the free version of the NBCUniversal streamer. However, seasons 3-9 of the show will be available only on Peacock Premium, the streaming service’s paid subscription. To access the remainder of “The Office” after season 2, viewers will have to pay at least $5/month, or $10 for the ad-free version of Peacock Premium.

Peacock is working hard to create a home for “The Office” that will make fans want to pay for later seasons — Subscribing to Peacock Premium will also give you access to extra content Peacock is calling “Superfan Episodes,” which are essentially compilations of deleted scenes, extended cuts and “never-before-seen footage” from the original series that began in 2005. It is also creating a 24/7 noise channel called “The Office Zen,” which is a “channel of ambient noise devoted to the sights and sounds of the office for anyone working at home” for anyone who feels they’re missing out on background chatter between cubicles or the drone of the copier.