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‘The Opposition’ Does ‘Mental Gymnastics’ to Prove ICE Deportations Are Actually Good (Video)

”As Anne Frank famously said, ‘no one who goes into hiding is on the right side of history,'“ says ”The Opposition“ correspondent Kobi Libii

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Opposition,” correspondent Kobi Libii looked into ICE deportations — or rather, he noted the policy “may seem monstrous, but I’m gonna do some mental gymnastics to prove that it’s not.”

The segment featured an immigrant family currently being sheltered in a Connecticut Church because Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents avoid arrests at “sensitive locations,” including houses of worship. Though, the pretend right wing journalist noted, “as Anne Frank famously said, ‘no one who goes into hiding is on the right side of history.'”

Libii spoke to Malik and his wife Zaida (last name not given), who have a five year old daughter and were able to stay in the U.S. thanks to the Obama-era policy of giving undocumented immigrants with American citizen children temporary legal status. (Trump ended the policy.) The couple also owns a pizza restaurant that employs several people, all American citizens.

“So you’re a tax-paying, business-owning, law-abiding burden on the system, huh,” Libii fake-scoffed.

Later in the segment, Libii lamented that “something terrible happened” as he saw the couple “as people, instead of whatever immigrants are. And that made me, a person, put myself, a person, in their surprisingly person-like shoes.”

He then complained that “it’s a lot harder to hold these beliefs when I’m looking someone affected by them in the eye.”

“I found a solution,” he continued. “If I avoid their gaze, I’ll never have to think about what ICE is doing to the precious family. And I can pretend like they aren’t even here.”

Watch the whole segment above.

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