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‘The Opposition’ Ends With a Bang as Jordan Klepper Finally Defeats His Enemies (Video)

Fake right-wing host finally defeats Antifa, Deep State, and Hillary Clinton on show’s final episode

“The Opposition With Jordan Klepper” aired its final episode Thursday, but it went out with a bang as Klepper finally defeated his enemies in a short called “The Final Battle.”

The clip shows the fake right winger finally leave “The Opposition” bunker, which turns out to be underneath a farm. There, he encounters people identified as “MS-13,” “Antifa,” “Deep State,” et cetera. Klepper fights them all — with action movie one-liners for each defeat.

“Antifa, meet ‘Fa,'” says Klepper. “Trigger warning,” he quips before kicking “Liberal Snowflake.” “Witch hunt, no collusion,” he says after killing “Deep State.”

And “but her emails,” after beating up fake Hillary Clinton.

But it all turns out to be imaginary. Asked what he’s doing by a farmer, Klepper says “fighting all the enemies, protecting the forgotten man.”

“No, you’re just making a mess of everything,” says the farmer, who concludes with basically the whole point of Klepper’s satire of the alt-right: “All this talk has consequences, a–hole! Real consequences!”

We’ll miss you, “The Opposition.”

Watch the clip above.