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‘The Opposition’ Gives Michael Cohen the ‘Goodfellas’ Treatment With Fake Biopic (Video)

”Trump’s Best People: The Michael Cohen Story“ lets a fake version of Trump’s former lawyer tell his own life story

Thursday’s episode of the “The Opposition” imagined Trump lawyer Michael Cohen as Martin Scorsese-style star of a fake biopic that felt like “Goodfellas” fan fiction.

“Trump’s Best People: The Michael Cohen Story,” was host Jordan Klepper’s response to the news this week that Cohen ditched has ditched his legal team and might cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of election meddling.

Narrated by “not actually Michael Cohen,” who wants you to know “this isn’t a mob thing,” the comic short had all the hallmarks off Scorsese films like “Casino,” including the soaring soundtrack. It takes viewers through the supposed details of the lawyer’s life, focusing on his many shady business dealings with many shady people.

And yes, “Trump’s Best People” makes sure to emphasize Cohen’s one-sided bromance with his former boss.

“My only goal was to make it in the big city,” the narrator says. “And ever since high school, Donald J. Trump was my idol. Oooh, Trump is pure gold. His hair, his furniture, you know, I bet even his showers are golden.”

Unfortunately, this is one Scorsese-style mob drama Robert De Niro will probably sit out. We hear he’s not much of a Trump fan.

There’s plenty more to “Trump’s Best People,” and it’s way funnier than we can describe. Watch it above.