‘The Opposition’ Explains Why Trump’s Iran Deal Pullout Is Actually Not Super Dumb (Video)

“Citizen journalist” Tim Baltz describes the “hold my beer” strategy in action

Trump can count on the pretend right-wing pundit vote after his announcement yesterday that he is pulling the United States out of the nuclear deal with Iran brokered by the Obama Administration. On Wednesday’s episode of “The Opposition With Jordan Klepper,” “citizen journalist” Tim Baltz explained that it’s actually a brilliant plan he calls the “hold my beer” strategy.

First acknowledging that “Obama created the nuclear deal by pressuring Iran through sanctions to come to the table,” Baltz said that “Trump will make a nuclear deal by pressuring Iran through sanctions to come to the table.”

“So strong,” said host Jordan Klepper, “but it does seem kind of similar.”

“We’re in a way better position,” Baltz countered. “Now we have zero allies supporting us. So America will get all the credit when we achieve peace. Or war. Or whatever. It’s brilliant, Jordan. Hold my beer.”

Baltz then explained what he means: “‘Hold my beer’ is a tactic I learned in college. It’s the belief that, no matter what someone else did, you can do better, probably drunk and with zero experience.”

“Obama thought that he was soooo cool with this Iran deal, but Trump knows he can do it way better,” Baltz continued. “Trump’s like the guy at the party who saw someone cannonball into the pool, then climbed onto the roof and is all ‘I can make it, I swear.’ And now John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are chanting ‘jump jump jump.’”

So f— it, he’s jumping,” Baltz added.

Watch the whole clip above.