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BTS Praised by 'The Real' Host Loni Love for Support of BLM Movement (Video)

"That is the kind of allies we need to help us," the host says

The hosts of "The Real" have nothing but love for BTS. On Friday's episode, Loni Love made sure the Korean boy band got the credit they deserved for their support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"I have to give it up to the K-pop group BTS, because during this summer of racial injustice, that group gave over $1 million to the [BLM] movement," Love said. "That is the kind of allies that we need to help us."

Love's BTS shout-out came after the hosts reflected on a previous conversation they'd had regarding Justin Timberlake's recent public apology to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. In asking "The Real" viewers on Instagram if the apology was too little, too late, one fan replied that the real issue was Timberlake using "his white privilege to get away with appropriating Black culture." Love agreed, but said the bigger issue was Timberlake not being a "true ally" to Black people -- unlike, say, BTS.

"That's what we need for our allies, if they're true allies," Love said. "To at least acknowledge... but also when we need them to speak up for us, speak up for us. Not when you're pressured, Justin Timberlake."

The host continued, "The issue with Justin is that he doesn't have anybody's back. He takes, and he appropriates, he makes money off of Black culture. But then when it comes time for you to speak up, like Black Lives Matter, we don't hear from you."

See the full clip from "The Real" up top.