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Ted Cruz Blasted by ‘The Real’ Host Jeannie Mai for Letting His Kids ‘See Their Privilege’

The host criticized the Texas senator for even entertaining the idea of leaving the state

As Ted Cruz continues to face backlash over his decision to fly to Cancun while his Texas constituents faced deadly winter conditions, the hosts of “The Real” are calling out the example he set for his own children.

During Tuesday’s episode, “The Real” hosts Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Garcelle Beauvais unanimously agreed that Cruz hasn’t done enough to rehabilitate the situation. Mai took the moment to also call out Cruz’s parenting, taking issue with the message she said he inadvertently sent his children by indulging in the trip to Cancun.

“He allowed his kids to see their privilege” Mai argued.

“What he taught his kids is, when the community needs me as a public service person — I’m a servant to the community — we take off and we go to Cancun” she continued. “How are these kids supposed to understand their privilege if that’s what you actually do when people are in need?”

Mai’s cohosts agreed with her, saying that while Cruz’s children are not at fault for the situation, and the fact that their first thought was to leave the state when things started getting rough indicates the entitled environment they are existing in. All four women agreed that to rectify the situation, Ted Cruz should offer more in the ways of financial relief.

“This is the thing. We have other congresspeople, from other states helping the state of Texas. Right now AOC, you know, today has raised over $5 million to help Texas” host Loni Love said. She continued “That really is the meaning of the United States, is that in times of peril and trouble we all come together, no matter what state you’re from.”

Mai agreed, encouraging Cruz to “Put your money where your actions weren’t. I want to see you actually put money into all of these broken areas because you clearly spent it on yourself. So show how we are going to use the funding to help the families right now.”

Though pictures surfaced on Saturday and Sunday showing Cruz delivering bottled water to residents and food to first responders, the images have been widely ridiculed as nothing more than photo ops meant to help Cruz rehabilitate his image after the whole Cancun debacle.

When Bailon posed the question of whether Cruz should step down on top of everything, the hosts unanimously agreed.