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The Ringer Launch: Read the Biggest Gripes About Bill Simmon’s New Blog

Apparently, not everyone’s a fan of the new Grantland — or its boss

Bill Simmons launched his new website The Ringer today, and while many on the Internet are excited, others are disappointed and/or even annoyed by what they see.

The main complaints about the Grantland follow-up appear to be with its launch content, which includes stories titled “Joe Buck Is Underrated” and “Why I’m Over Riley Curry.” Others are just straight-up tired of the man behind the site, who seems to have lost a bit of perspective about his path to success.

And yes, it’s fair to say that at least some gripes are probably rooted in a little jealousy.

While an upstart Boston blogger many years ago, Simmons had been tied to and promoted heavily by ESPN for the biggest parts of his career — a bridge that he’s not only completely burned, but also a massive platform that he doesn’t quite credit for his ongoing success. His recent braggadocious tweets aren’t currying Simmons much favor on the social media site, especially from the blogging community. Even his hiring practices are publicly being called into question.

And then there are those critiquing TheRinger.com‘s actual appearance, but that may be a bit nit-picky. Of course, the “Game of Thrones” vertical is a bit glaring, considering Simmons is now an HBO employee — but hey, it’s a huge pop cultural property.

Read some of the probably premature Ringer bashing below.