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The Rock Becomes Pokerock in ‘Pokemon GO’ Parody (Video)

It takes no candies at all to evolve this rare Pokemon into an a–hole

“Pokemon GO” has reached the upper echelons of celebrity culture, and now Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the latest to get on board with the augmented reality video game taking the world by storm.

In a video posted to his new YouTube channel, the “Ballers” actor tempts unsuspecting “Pokemon GO” trainers into looking for a previously unseen, rare Pokemon.

The Pokerock appears, with a Combat Power of infinity, and superpowers apparently includes being a total dick to Pokemon catchers, before stealing all their items.

Johnson enlisted the help of gaming YouTubers MatPac and Ali-A for the parody video, and even perverted the theme song of the Pokemon animated series, changing the lyrics to, “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was / too bad I’m s— like all the rest / Pokerock is the cause.”

He ended the video by saying, in the immortal words of Pokerock: “Poke-go-f—-yourself.”