Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Comes Face-to-Face With Himself in Weird Fan Encounter (Video)

Wrestler-turned-actor meets an oversized version of himself

Dwayne The Rock Johnson President
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Sometimes you just have to face up to yourself. Just ask Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Johnson shared yet another fan encounter via his Instagram account on Thursday, this time with a bizarre addition: A gigantic print-out of his own face.

The print-out came courtesy of a fan waiting to meet Johnson as the wrestler-turned-actor finished up a day of shooting “Skyscraper.” If the fact that he was carrying an enormous rendition of Johnson’s head wasn’t proof enough of the fan’s devotion to the actor, consider this: He had waited outside for three straight nights to meet him.

“Wrapped a 16hr work day and dog tired. As I’m loading up my truck, my security says ‘there’s a guy up there by railroad tracks who’s been waiting for the past 3 nights about 8hrs a night. You’re finally gonna see when you drive by. How would you like to handle it?’” Johnson wrote. “The only way I know how.I’m a grateful and lucky SOB to have the greatest fans in the world. Good to meet ya.”

In the video, Johnson approaches the hyper-patient fan in his car, only to momentarily prank him.

“So here’s the thing, I’m real tired. How about we just come back tomorrow?” Johnson teases the fan, who actually agrees to do so.

Eventually, Johnson’s conscience gets the better of him.

“He’s just happy, I can’t  … Come here, buddy; I can’t even joke with you, you’re too happy, dude,” Johnson says.

But in fact, he can joke further with the fan.

“Did you make that yourself?” Johnson asks.

“Well, I printed it myself, yeah,” the fan responds.

“Ah, good. Well, it sucks. Goodbye!” Johnson responds, before agreeing to sign the oversized replica.

Watch the weird run-in in the video.