‘The Simpsons’ Celebrates 30 Years of ‘Treehouse of Horror’ in 60 Seconds (Video)

Annual Halloween special airs on Fox tonight

The Simpsons Treehouse of horror

Tonight, “The Simpsons” airs its 666th episode; and fittingly enough, it is the show’s 30th annual “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween special.

To commemorate the milestone, Fox released a special 60-second sizzle reel showing the history of the beloved Halloween tradition, which began in 1990 with a ghoulish episode in which Bart and Lisa tell each other scary stories in their treehouse while Homer spies on them. Set outside the show’s canon, the special quickly became known for being far more violent than most of the show’s other episodes.

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Among the Halloween horrors you can see in the reel are Homer getting abducted by “Treehouse of Horror” mascots Kang and Kodos, wishing for a sandwich with a cursed monkey paw, and getting attacked by an evil Krusty the Klown doll. You can also see Bart getting kidnapped by his evil good twin Hugo, Mr. Burns hunting the men of Springfield, and Lisa becoming the star of a “Coraline” spoof.

“Treehouse of Horror XXX” airs Sunday night at 8 on Fox.