‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Disney Would Buy 21st Century Fox Back in 1998

One episode featured a 20th Century Fox billboard with “A Division of Walt Disney Co.” underneath

What cultural phenomenon will “The Simpsons” prove true next?

As Twitter user @rwmead pointed out Monday, “The Simpsons” predicted that Disney would purchase 21st Century Fox, then 20th Century Fox. The screen-grab below features a billboard with the iconic logo and the words “A Division of Walt Disney Co.” underneath. It’s from the Season 10 episode “When You Dish Upon a Star,” which aired on Nov. 8, 1998 and featured Homer meeting with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.

On Monday, a report spread that Twenty-First Century Fox has engaged in talks to potentially sell most of the company to Disney.

The deal would involve Fox’s movie studio and TV production business, leaving Rupert Murdoch’s media empire focused primarily on news and sports, according to CNBC’s David Faber. In addition international assets such as Star and BSkyB, he reported that Disney is seeking to add entertainment networks such as FX and Nat Geo.

“The Simpsons” has accurately predicted Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl, Donald Trump’s presidency and Bengt Holmstrom’s Nobel Prize win. So, while there’s no deal yet, we wouldn’t be surprised if “The Simpsons” is proven right once again.