‘The Simpsons’ Bart and Lisa Sing About Their Crappy Hometown (Video)

“Why Springfield, Why Not?” draws a standing ovation from the animated crowd, as Pharrell Williams guest voices on the Fox show


It took 27 seasons, but the town of Springfield (state unknown) has finally gotten the anthem it deserves.

On Sunday’s “The Simpsons” — which features “The Voice” star Pharrell Williams — Bart, Lisa and friends debut the town’s new theme song, “Why Springfield, Why Not?” with the title doubling as the chorus.

The tune is catchy, though lyrics like “We’ve only had a hurricane once/We haven’t had a circus fire in months” might not do a heck of a lot to grow the area’s census numbers.

And then there’s this: “Sure, our cops are easily bought/and our dentists are all self-taught,” which isn’t gonna headline a tourism brochure either.

The kids further boast that their city has been “small pox-free for seven years.” Perhaps the tune will finally get hashtag #SpringfieldPride trending for the first time ever — another element of the tune. Though probably not.

“The Simpsons” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Fox. 

Watch the video: