The Slow Death of Hollywood | PRO Insight

The current streaming wars are a story of technology, but also a story of public policy levers enabling corporate concentration and the resulting abuse of market power

Earlier this month, The Information published an article on Netflix’s new spending patterns on content. There’s an important tidbit in the piece, which suggests that a new era of control and centralization in Hollywood will soon be upon us:

“[Netflix] now routinely ends shows after their second season, even when they’re still popular. Netflix has learned that the first two seasons of a show are key to bringing in subscribers–but the third and later seasons don’t do much to retain or win new subscribers.”

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Matt Stoller

Matt Stoller is a fellow at The Open Markets Institute. His book, "Goliath: The Hundred Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy," will be published in October 2019 by Simon & Schuster.