Ray Stevenson Will Give Your Kids Nightmares With Chilling ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ Reading (Video)

“The Transporter: Refueled” star has no interest in your crappy breakfast

Ray Stevenson REALLY doesn’t want to eat green eggs and ham — and sure as hell not with no goat.

The “Black Sails” actor read the iconic Dr. Seuss children’s book for Yahoo — for some reason — delivering a bone-chilling rendition of the rhyming kid’s tale. The basic moral of “Green Eggs and Ham” is if you try something scary, you just might like it — though Stevenson’s reading is more of the give-your-young-ones-nightmares variety.

By the end, however, Stevenson is grateful for being forced into discovering his new favorite food, just as the good doctor intended.

Stevenson’s “The Transporter: Refueled” races into theaters on Sep. 4.

Terrify your sons and daughters with Stevenson’s reading: