Amy Klobuchar Saw a ‘Chilling’ Reminder of Capitol Riot During Biden’s Inauguration (Video)

Senator paid a visit to “The View” to discuss Biden and Harris’ swearing-in

Amy Klobuchar Recalls 'Chilling' Spray Paint Reminder of Capitol Riot During Biden Inauguration (Video)
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Sen. Amy Klobuchar, fresh off of the high of Inauguration Day, paid a visit to “The View” on Thursday to discuss the joys of the new Biden era — and to reflect on a “chilling” reminder of the insurrection that took place on those same Capitol steps just a few weeks ago.

“What was it like for you to stand on that stage knowing you were about to introduce the breath of fresh air that many in the country have been praying for?” asked moderator Whoopi Goldberg.

“Well let me just say, I chose those words carefully, Whoopi, the words ‘What we have all been waiting for,’” Klobuchar said. “It meant waiting for [Joe Biden] personally. He has long wanted to be president and is going to be a great president, but it was also for America.”

Then the Minnesota U.S. Senator, who herself ran for the Democratic nomination alongside both Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris, also made note of the spray paint that had yet to be washed off from the domestic terrorist attack that took place on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6.

“I thought it was especially important because that very platform where we were on was where those domestic terrorists, where the insurrectionists, had chosen to break into the Capitol,” she said. “There were broken windows, there was spray paint still — the windows had been fixed, but there was spray paint still on the bottom of the columns. It was really chilling, and it was our job, Sen. Blunt’s and my job, to make sure this show went on. To make sure we told America that yeah, this is Joe and Kamala’s day, and it’s so important for them to lay out their vision. But it’s also about our country healing and moving forward.”

Watch the full “View” clip below.


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