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‘The View': Anti-Abortion Host Sunny Hostin Doesn’t Believe in ‘Any Exception,’ Including Incest

”I don’t believe in abortion, at any time,“ Hostin said

On Monday morning’s episode of “The View” — the first since the Supreme Court’s decision on Friday to overturn Roe v Wade — host Sunny Hostin admitted that she does not believe in any exceptions for abortions. That includes incest or rape.

While discussing the topic throughout the show, Hostin noted that while she doesn’t agree with the court’s decision, she also doesn’t agree with abortion in general. Of course, long-time watchers of the show knew this already, as Hostin has always been open about being anti-abortion. But then, Hostin took it one further.

“I don’t believe in abortion, at any time,” Hostin said. “I don’t believe in any exception to it.”

When her cohost Sara Haines pushed her to clarify if that included “even incest and — ” Hostin cut her off and reiterated her condemnation of it, admitting that she knows her beliefs are “radical” for many.

She further explained that her beliefs are based on her religion, as a Catholic, and pointed out how many of the current Supreme Court justices are also Catholic. But at that, Hostin noted that she doesn’t agree that those religious views should be influencing policy at all.

“So this has always been a very difficult discussion for me,” she added. “But what is not difficult for me is the fact that this is an activist Supreme Court, and they should not be deciding the law based on their faith. And even though I agree with Alito on the sanctity of life … the fact that he clearly is using his religion and wielding it is pretty terrible.”

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