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‘The View': Hosts Battle Over Donald Trump Staffer’s Alleged Battery

”Let’s have that aggression with [the] war on terrorism and foreign policy, but not with human beings, and not with women,“ Candace Cameron Bure says

Nobody was grabbed and dragged to the ground during Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” but there was a robust debate over Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who’s been charged with misdemeanor battery after a skirmish earlier this month with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

Whoopi Goldberg‘s merry crew took vastly different stances on the issue — and with Trump’s defense of Lewandowski, whom the GOP presidential candidate called “a fine person” who was “maligned” after he was accused of manhandling Fields during a rally in Florida on Mar. 8.

Paula Faris aligned herself with Lewandowski, saying that Fields’ version of events — that she was jolted backward and yanked down, almost causing her to fall to the ground — wasn’t backed up by video footage of the altercation.

“I was totally Team Michelle until I saw that video,” Faris said. “I didn’t see that, I’m sorry, and I think that does a disservice to female journalists out there, everywhere. When you’re in the scrum you’re literally jockeying for position, and that stuff happens.”

Resident conservative Candace Cameron Bure took issue with Trump’s reaction, even going so far as to unfavorably contrast him with President Obama.

“I just wish that Donald had come from a place of more understanding. Because that’s the one thing I do respect about President Obama, he always seems to come from a place of class,” Bure said. “So it’s like, Donald, I like that you’re aggressive, but let’s have that aggression with [the] war on terrorism and foreign policy, but not with human beings, and not with women. He’s already had so much trouble with women.”

She continued, “I don’t find fault in Donald for backing his man in that sense, because I think that was part of his job, but he should have handled it a different way. He was too quick to put the blame on somebody else.”

“I was waiting for the proof in the video, and I just didn’t get it,” Faris reiterated.

Michelle Collins, meanwhile, showed little sympathy for Lewandowski.

“I don’t know why that guy was even touching her to begin with,” Collins asserted.

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