‘The View’ Blasts ‘Coward’ Donald Trump Over GOP Debate Dropout (Video)

“You need to do your job, D,” Whoopi Goldberg asserts

Last Updated: January 28, 2016 @ 5:04 PM

Donald Trump needs to grow a spine. Or, at least, that’s the word according to “The View” maven Whoopi Goldberg, who called the GOP presidential candidate “a coward” during Thursday’s episode of the ABC daytime talk show.

During the Hot Topics segment, Goldberg and her cohorts took aim at Trump’s decision to bow out of Thursday’s debate on Fox News. Goldberg took particularly pointed shots at Trump, saying that his unwillingness to field questions from Fox News’ Megyn Kelly — who in the past has grilled Trump about his treatment of women — is “cowardly.”

“I don’t think when Hillary [Clinton] goes to do her debates, she particularly wants to be asked about her personal life and her husband, but she does it, because that’s what you gotta do when you’re going to be President of the United States, ” Goldberg said. “I don’t think Megyn Kelly wants to sit there and look at a man [who] had his people say horrible stuff about her. She doesn’t necessarily want to sit there and deal with him, but she does, because it’s her job.”

“You’re a coward, Donald. You’re a coward,” Goldberg continued. “It’s cowardly, because to me, you are the emperor  that has no clothes on. Nobody wants to get the criticism, but this is the job. If you’re going to be President of the United States, you have to go and talk to the people that you may not like.”

Goldberg went on to suggest that voters are beginning to pick up on Trump’s supposed lack of spine.

“You’re being cowardly, and I think people are starting to see what the presidency with you in it will look like,” Goldberg said.

“View” panelist Joy Behar offered a counterpoint, suggesting that Trump is currently so popular that he can afford to skip out on the debate, and Kelly’s line of questioning.

“He doesn’t have to because he’s a hit and he can do whatever he damn  pleases … right now, that’s what’s happening,” Behar said.

That argument failed to sway Goldberg.

“I don’t know if the people in the United States, as they’re looking, want a guy who’s going to cut and run because he doesn’t like what he’s hearing,” Golberg asserted.

She also compared Trump unfavorably to the current holder of the office.

“You talk about, ‘Obama hasn’t done this … he’s a stand-up guy; he stood and he took all this crap for eight years. so you’re gonna have to, Donald .. you need to do your job, D,” Goldberg said.


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