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‘The View’ Blasts Republicans Over Supreme Court Nominee Drama

Joy Behar and crew marvel at the resistance to ”middle-ground, centrist“ Merrick Garland

The women of “The View” brought down the gavel on the Republican party during Thursday’s episode, blasting the GOP for its apparent resistance to President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Antonin Scalia.

“What’s up with the Republicans now?” panelist Joy Behar marveled during the ABC talk show.

Pointing out that 66 percent of voters believe that  the GOP should hold hearings on the nominee, guest panelist Sunny Hostin called Garland “the most middle-ground, centrist judge possible.

“I thought that [nomination] looked like an olive branch, and what we are now seeing in response is this extremist, obstructionist position that the Republican Senate has been taking from the very beginning,” Hostin said. “What is wrong with the Republican party?”

Behar cautioned that the resistance could come back to bite the GOP come election time.

“Voters are gonna say, ‘You know what? I’m sick of this obstructionism, I’m not voting for these people anymore,'” Behar predicted.

Guest host Jedediah Bila suggested that, with Obama on the way out of the White House, voters should have their say by electing the next president before a nominee is presented.

“Jedediah, how does this scenario stand with you?” Behar countered.  “Hillary [Clinton] gets elected, and she appoints Bernie Sanders. Then we’ll have a nervous breakdown in the Republican party. There will be a major breakdown. [Senate majority leader] Mitch McConnell will put his head in the oven. I’m telling you right now.”

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