‘The View’: CNN Political Commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin Calls Cuomo Brothers ‘Egomaniacs’ (Video)

And as a result, she thinks Andrew Cuomo will definitely run for office again

CNN political commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin returned to guest host “The View” this week, and she had a pretty blunt way of describing Andrew and Chris Cuomo. The CNN employee referred to both as “egomaniacs.”

Her words came as the panel of women were discussing Andrew Cuomo’s potential political future, and whether or not he’ll run for office again, considering the allegations of sexual misconduct that eventually led to his resignation last year. For her part, Farah Griffin thinks Cuomo will run again, solely based on his ego.

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the Cuomos, it’s these are egomaniacs,” she said. Host Joy Behar then cut off her thought, to clarify whether Farah Griffin was saying that both Cuomo brothers are egomaniacs or just Andrew.

“Yeah, that’s my — that’s what I know of both of them,” she replied. Alyssa Farah Griffin joined CNN just a few weeks after Chris Cuomo was fired from the network, amid sexual misconduct allegations of his own, and reports that he used his journalism contacts to help his brother.

She then circled back to her original point, saying “I think [Andrew Cuomo] will pursue office again. I think he absolutely thinks that he’s the best, he’s wanted, there’s lane there. I hope there’s not.”

Ana Navarro then weighed in, citing a quote Andrew Cuomo himself gave to Bloomberg about why certain people run for political office.

“He told Bloomberg ‘Too many people do run for office because it’s about them. It’s about their ego, their need.’ And frankly, it feels like a lot of self reflection there,” Navarro said.

You can watch the full discussion on “The View” in the video above.