‘The View’ Criticizes ‘Human Bobblehead’ Behind Trump at NBC Town Hall: ‘So Distracting’ (Video)

“Even Pence didn’t nod that much when Trump spoke,” says Joy Behar

Trump and Mayra Joli town hall

A woman nodding her head behind President Trump during his NBC town hall Thursday night became a big talking point on Friday’s episode of “The View.”

The co-hosts of the daytime talk show couldn’t resist making a few jokes at the expense of the “distracting” woman — even though one of the hosts claims to actually know her in real life.

“I had to google her, ’cause I was like, who is that?” said co-host Sunny Hostin. “Her name is Mayra Joli. She went up to Trump afterward — she’s an immigration attorney from the Dominican Republic.”

Meanwhile, guest host Ana Navarro was desperately trying to get a word in edgewise to say that she knows a little something about Joli from personal experience. (Friday’s episode was notably missing Whoopi Goldberg, who usually serves as moderator to diminish the awkward talking-over-each-other moments that have only been exacerbated by video chat).

“She’s a character,” Navarro said of the woman. “Let’s just say she’s pretty colorful.”

Joli, who Joy Behar and much of the internet referred to as the “human bobblehead” was identified by the Miami Herald as a former pro-Trump congressional candidate and five-time beauty queen who declared herself Miami’s “master of selfies” during her 2018 campaign. She was seated just over Trump’s shoulder during the NBC town hall broadcast, making every movement of her head and neck visible to the national audience.

“Even pence didn’t nod that much when Trump spoke,” Behar quipped. “What the heck? She was so distracting.”

Co-host Sara Haines also took a moment to note the changes in Trump’s body language based on whether or not the person asking him questions was one of his supporters.

“Donald Trump is for anyone that is for Donald Trump,” she said. “If you ask the nodder over his shoulder, the bobblehead, he killed it! He did an amazing job! I was tired watching her.”

Watch the full clip below.


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