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‘The View’ Defends Hillary Clinton Over Goldman Sachs Speaking Fees

”Everybody who’s running has taken money from somebody,“ Whoopi Goldberg declares

The ladies of “The View” are cool with Hillary Clinton putting Goldman Sachs’ money where her mouth is.

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and their merry crew reflected on Democratic presidential candidate Clinton’s $675,000 fee for giving three speeches to the investment firm — a topic of debate at a Town Hall gathering on Wednesday night — during Thursday’s episode of the ABC talk show.

The verdict, at least to Joy Behar: What’s wrong with a gal making some money, anyway?

“It’s like, the Republicans can make money — Trump is always bragging he’s a billionaire,” Behar said. “The Republicans can be rich, the Democrats have to do missionary work in Africa for some reason. What happened to the American dream? I don’t get it.”

Behar added, “She’s talking to Goldman Sachs and taking their money; doesn’t mean she’s on the take with Goldman Sachs.”

Candace Cameron Bure provided a dissenting voice on the topic.

“I just think there are strings attached,” Bure said. “For Hillary, talking about equality with everyone, there’s something that is not relatable to getting $675,000 for a speaking fee.”

Goldberg countered with the oft-popular “everybody does it” defense.

“Everybody who’s running has taken money from somebody,” Goldberg said. “They’re all doing it, because it’s supplementary.”

Noting that Clinton wasn’t in office at the time of her Wall Street payday, Goldberg opined, “If you’re running and you’re doing it, then it does become a question.

“I think the bigger point is, let’s look at everybody’s voting record and go from there. Then you can have the conversation and say, ‘How did this happen?'”