‘The View’: Elizabeth Warren Rips Amy Coney Barrett; Trump’s Debate Antics

Massachusetts senator calls potential SCOTUS justice an “extremist’

'The View': Elizabeth Warren Slams Amy Coney Barrett; Trump's Debate Antics

Senator Elizabeth Warren held nothing back on Thursday morning’s episode of “The View,” ripping into potential Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett and predicting the worst for Trump’s antics at the final presidential debate.

First, Warren lamented the potential loss of the Affordable Care Act should Barrett, who she calls an “extremist,” get confirmed.

“What the Republicans are trying to do is get rid of healthcare for tens of millions of Americans, take away protections for people with preexisting conditions,” Warren told “The View.”

“[Republicans] can’t do this through Congress ’cause they can’t get the votes. They plan to do it through the courts, so they want to have an extremist justice who is going to give them a majority to do that,” she said.

“The way I see this is — look, we fight them every inch of the way now. We hold them accountable on November 3rd. That’s what elections are about. And when we’ve got the White House, when Democrats have got a majority in the Senate and the House, then we need to work to restore the integrity of our courts, and that means all options are on the table,” Warren added.

She also had a premonition about how Trump will behave at Thurday night’s final presidential debate.

“I think that Joe Biden will get a little more room to be able to speak directly to the American people, and I think that’s great. I think that will be unusual given the last debate,” she said. “But I mostly think Donald Trump will be Donald Trump, and he’ll do everything he can to break it, smash it, destroy it, make it smell bad — ’cause that’s who he is.”


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