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‘The View’ Fact-Checks Donald Trump: He ‘Has to Be Corrected’

”He just throws stuff out,“ Whoopi Goldberg marvels over GOP candidate’s claims

The ladies of “The View” celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Thursday by engaging in one of their favorite activities: taking presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump to task.

With Trump’s political rival John Kasich dropping out of the race, Raven-Symoné opined that it’s time to hold Trump’s feet to the fire over a number of topics that “he’s actually lied about.”

“It’s time that we start putting him in a category to where we have to be like, “OK, let’s check the facts, Donald; let’s see if you really can run the situation.”

After Raven-Symoné discussed Trump’s wavering opinion on the invasion of Iraq, her cohort Joy Behar claimed that Trump had told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton was one of the first birthers to question President Obama’s place of origin, an assertion that Blitzer corrected.

“No matter what The Donald says, it has to be corrected right immediately,” Behar said.

“I don’t know why anybody’s surprised. He has been doing this the entire time,” Whoopi Goldberg weighed in. “He just throws stuff out — Ted Cruz’s father being in on the assassination of JFK. Nobody said. ‘What the hell, man!'”

During Thursday’s episode, Goldberg and crew also discussed businesswoman and “Shark Tank” investor Barbara Corcoran’s revelation on “Good Morning America” that she shows off her legs to gain advantage in business matters.

“When you are flirting and doing what she suggests, you alienate the other women. And nowadays a lot of women are in the office, so I don’t think that’s good advice,” Behar said.

After panelists Paula Faris and Sunny Hostin revealed that they had previously been counseled to dress sexier in the workplace, Behar wondered, “How come nobody ever says to the men, ‘You know, you should drop your fly like halfway down?'”

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