‘The View’ Blames Florida Gov For Maskless Spring Break Crowds, Asks ‘What Were You Thinking?’ (Video)

“This is just a huge mess that a lot of us saw coming,” Sara Haines says

the view sara haines

As thousands of maskless spring breakers descended on Florida, leading Miami Beach to declare a state of emergency due to the overwhelming crowds, “The View” co-hosts were outspoken where to place the blame: on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has been adamant about opening the state fully despite COVID outbreaks.

“This is just a mess and I can’t help but think, what were you thinking, right before spring break?” Sara Haines asked incredulously.

Haines went on to explain that spring break wasn’t the only problem DeSantis brought onto the state, citing that there’s been an influx in crime and arrests since February that include a large number of out-of-state individuals.

“The fact that Florida was already a draw and now we’re on the heels of a yearlong lockdown in a basement of safety, people are going to party,” she continued. “This is just a huge mess that a lot of us saw coming, and here we are.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin, meanwhile, hit back at DeSantis for the unnecessary force police used on Black spring break crowds, referencing how the Miami-Dade NAACP chair spoke out with multiple examples of police hostility on Black groups during Memorial Day celebrations and spring break.

“DeSantis always said ‘Florida is open for everyone, open for business.’ But is it open for business for Black spring breakers?” asked Hostin sarcastically.

“I’m upset with Governor DeSantis for not waiting until after spring break to start opening it up completely,” said Ana Navarro, who lives in Miami. “I think it behooves us to behave in a very discreet, smart, logical way as we are entering this new phase of coming out of COVID to protect our families, to protect our older people. I feel a sense of dread and panic being here because I don’t want there to be a COVID outbreak here in two weeks.”

Watch the video below.



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