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‘The View’ Guest Host Will Cain Grills Whoopi Goldberg on O.J. Simpson Innocence (Video)

“Most people looked at that case and said the evidence was clear that O.J. was guilty,” says the conservative cable news pundit

The panelists of “The View” commemorated the 20th anniversary of O.J. Simpson’s infamous Bronco chase by discussing how the media world has changed, but conservative guest host Will Cain took the discussion one step further by asking¬†Whoopi Goldberg¬†if she thought he was guilty.

“Most people looked at that case and said the evidence was clear that O.J. was guilty,” Cain observed. “The justice system’s goal is to find the truth. Let me ask you, twenty years later, was O.J. guilty or innocent?”

“I don’t know!” Goldberg exclaimed.

“I’m not on the jury,” Sherri Shepherd said, raising her hands.

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“Let’s be really clear about this, you know, reasonable doubt means reasonable doubt for black people, white people, Italian people, Irish,” Goldberg said. “It means for everybody, and if that jury said reasonable doubt to them and they had reasonable doubt, then you have to allow them to have that. And that’s what I’m saying…”

Goldberg observed that people thought it was “clear” that Casey Anthony was guilty, until the jury found out otherwise.

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“Either you accept the way we work or you don’t,” Goldberg said. “That’s the bottom line to me.”

“I think the bottom line with Casey Anthony is we learned the difference between innocent and not guilty,” Cain said.

Watch the video: