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‘The View': Nobody Scares Whoopi Goldberg in Spooky-Cute Halloween Skit (Video)

And don’t even think about standing within six feet of her

“The View” filmed a spooky Halloween-themed cold open for Friday’s episode of the daytime talk show, but you’re trippin’ if you think a couple of guys in Jason and Michael Myers masks can scare Whoopi Goldberg

Titled “Whoopi’s House,” the little skit follows the moderator as she FaceTimes her “View” pals Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines and Ana Navarro in an effort to plan the guest list for her Halloween party. One by one, they all back out — well, Ana made Whoopi concellation cupcakes, but “her dog” ate them — leaving Whoopi alone in her home-office wondering what she’s going to do.

That’s when a couple of guys dressed in the spooky white masks from “Halloween” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” sneak up behind her in a foolish and futile attempt to scare the one and only Whoopi Goldberg. She does gasp, but not out of fright — out of shock and indignation that they would dare stand that close to her during these trying times.

“Seriously? Why are you not standing six feet apart?” she scolds, wagging her finger at them. “Social distance, that’s what it’s called. Social distancing. You know what? Just go into the room and sit down. We’re watching ‘The Exorcist.’ I don’t want to hear anything. What’s wrong? What, are you crying? Just go in the room. Go on that way.”

Turning back to the camera, she shakes her head, adding: “Put a mask on a man, he can’t see anything.”

Well, at least they were wearing masks.

Watch the clip below.