‘The View’ Hosts Celebrate Halloween With Disney-Themed Costumes – From Tour Guide Barbie to ‘Avatar’ (Photos)

The theme of the day was “When You Wish Upon a View”

As always, the hosts of “The View” went all out with their Halloween costumes on Tuesday, this year celebrating their parent network. In honor of the Disney100 celebration, the women hosted the day’s show dressed as their favorite Disney characters.

Granted, the episode started in a fairly spooky way. In the opening minutes, viewers were treated to footage of a horse strutting up to the studio, ridden by none other than The Headless Horseman — er, in this case, Horsewoman.

As the episode kicked off in earnest, it was revealed that host Whoopi Goldberg opted to go with the Headless Horseman as her costume. (Yes, the 1950s short film “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad” is a Disney property that introduced the character).

You can see photos of the women in costume below.


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