‘The View’ Hosts Mock Trump’s Pants: ‘If He’s a Billionaire, Then He Should Have a Better Tailor’

The panel had a great big laugh over the former president’s fashion faux pas

The View hosts
The View

After a video went viral this weekend showing Donald Trump possibly wearing his pants backwards, the hosts of “The View” had a good laugh about it on Monday’s show. But they also had some concerns.

Discussing the moment during their Hot Topics segment, host Whoopi Goldberg admitted she hadn’t actually seen the video in question. Neither had Sunny Hostin, but she was sent a bunch of photos of the pants and noted that she “learned new words this weekend” because of it.

Visibly perturbed by the pants, Hostin wouldn’t pass judgment on whether they were on backward or just ill-fitting. But she did have one concern. “If he’s a billionaire, then he should have a better tailor,” Hostin said.

Meanwhile, host Meghan McCain could barely contain her laughter through the discussion.

“I think ex-presidents have to present themselves in a way where they’re gonna be taken seriously, otherwise you can kind of look like a crazy ex-Mad King,” McCain noted. “He’s been like a wedding singer at Mar-a-lago, and he just looks really disheveled. He doesn’t look good.”

She went on to add that if Trump truly intends to still have a future in politics, this incident was pretty damaging for him. “If he’s really looking to like, lead the party, this is not the way he should present himself,” she said.

As Joy Behar, Sara Haines and Whoopi Goldberg went on to voice their thoughts on the matter, McCain slowly devolved into a laughing fit, openly belly laughing as they headed into a break.

For what it’s worth, fact-checking site Snopes did declare that the twice-impeached former president was not in fact wearing his pants backwards during the speech. But even so, the hosts of “The View” were pretty solidly on the fence about what they saw.

You can check out Behar’s response on the matter — which according to McCain went directly against a conversation they had with standards before the show — as well as McCain losing it below.


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