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‘The View’ Hosts Reveal Their Biggest Quarantine Regrets (Video)

The co-hosts shared the worst things they’ve done while in quarantine

On Friday’s episode of “The View,” the hosts didn’t fight, get political or otherwise start any drama. In fact, they got deeply personal, revealing what’s gone on behind their closed quarantine doors.

During a segment that started with Whoopi Goldberg musing over an advice column in Slate responding to a concerned writer who, among other things, slept with their best friend, four homebound co-hosts considered their biggest quarantine regrets.

Sunny Hostin revealed she hasn’t been put in any position to make a mistake like sleeping with a friend, given she’s locked down with a family full of kids and pets. Joy Behar spent a considerable amount of time berating herself for purchasing some kind of small piece of cloth: “Why did I purchase this? I purchased this online. Why? What is it? It’s not big enough to be a dish towel … I can’t use it as a mask.”

“It has no meaning to me whatsoever,” she concluded.

“I’m just eating, like, garbage,” revealed McCain, who recently announced her pregnancy.

“When you’re more active and you leave the house, you eat at normal times and now it’s like, time is a construct,” she went on. “I’m eating like I’m fattening up for the slaughter.”

Behar and Goldberg both assured her that she’s eating for two, which is fine.

“I’m trying to be responsible,” said Goldberg about her own eating habits. “It’s all gone to hell in a handbasket. It really has. I’m as out of control as I’ve ever been and I don’t care.”