‘The View’ Hosts Turn on Hillary Clinton: ‘She’s Not a Great Communicator’

“Stop just being all over the place,” co-host Joy Behar urges the presidential candidate

The women of “The View” have figured out how presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can distinguish herself from her rivals: She needs to be more like them.

Lamenting the fact that Clinton has struggled to get her message across to voters, Joy Behar suggested that Clinton take a page from the Donald Trump playbook.

“I would say to her, just throw it out, throw caution to the wind now,” Behar said. “Pretend that you’ve lost and just be yourself, Hillary. Trump went into this, he thought, ‘I’m not going to get this,’ and look where it’s gotten him.”

Then again, she could stand to be a little more like her fellow Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders, too.

“Bernie has a very specific message. He keeps talking about income equality and free college. Her messages are a little mushy,” Behar said. “She’s good at a lot of things– she’s experienced, she’s really brilliant — but she needs to focus more and have one or two or three things that she keeps repeating, the way Bernie does.”

Behar wasn’t done there, characterizing Clinton as “wonky” and cautioning her to narrow her message down.

“Stop just being all over the place. She’s worried about the same things we are — global warming and equality — but you notice how [Sanders] keeps that … and Trump too. ‘They’re gonna build a wall, they’re gonna pay for it,’ ‘No Muslims in the country.'” Behar said. “These are his two messages, they keep going over and over again. She’s gotta do that.”

“She’s not a great communicator,” Whoopi Goldberg chimed in, nonetheless adding, “I think she’s more than qualified for the job.”