James Comey Says Trump’s Lies Created Terrorists: ‘This Is How Al-Qaida Radicalized’ (Video)

Former FBI director condemned Capitol rioters on “The View”

James Comey Says Trump's Lies Created Domestic Terrorists: 'This Is How Al-Qaida Radicalized' (Video)

Former FBI director James Comey paid a visit to “The View” on Friday during which he explained his belief that President Trump’s “constant torrent of lies” has radicalized his supporters to the point of becoming domestic terrorists — and he compared Trump’s methods to those of al-Qaida.

“They are terrorists. They are people bent on coercing a civilian government — attacking our democracy — because of their warped view of reality,” Comey, who was fired by Trump in 2017, said of the Capitol rioters on “The View.”

“The reason their view [of reality] is warped is because of the president’s lies. It’s not just the lie about the election, which is the prime mover for their attack on Capitol Hill, it’s four years of constant lying about the virus, about our institutions, about our courts, about our democracy,” he continued. “A demagogue’s lies have great power, especially when they’re echoed by his enablers in the Senate and the House and the media.”

Then he compared Trump’s tactics to al-Qaida, the militant Sunni Islamist group co-founded by Osama bin Ladin and others in 1988.

“This is how al-Qaida radicalized: a constant, constant torrent of lies at vulnerable people,” he said. “Well, we have millions of vulnerable people in this country who’ve consumed these lies, and some portion of them have been radicalized to the point where they believe they’re on the side of the angels and have to engage in violence directed against us. So it’s a serious threat, it’s a terrorist threat, and Donald Trump and his enablers — we want to make sure we keep the receipts, ’cause a lot of people are going to deny they had any connection to it come a few months from now — but that group of people has radicalized a group of terrorists.”

Watch the full clip from “The View” below.

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