‘The View’: Joy Behar Blasts ‘White Anger’ in Presidential Field

“What is Trump so mad at? He’s a billionaire with a gorgeous wife,” Joy Behar says

joy behar the view

What’s with all the pissed-off white dudes in this presidential election? That was a central topic on Thursday’s episode of “The View,” as Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and the rest of the gang reflected on the heated rhetoric of the current election season.

“It’s a white anger, I’ve noticed. It’s white anger. It’s not black anger,” Behar offered. “I was thinking, Obama’s a guy [who], because he’s African American, could never express his anger, because people say, ‘Ooh, the angry black man.’ But these white guys have no problem saying, ‘Sit down and shut up.’”

As Behar saw it, the road to the White House is not paved with bricks of rage.

“It really doesn’t play,” Behar said. “The last angry president we had was, who? President Nixon? You know, we don’t like it. Reagan was like, you know, ‘Sunshine in the morning and everything’s gonna be great.’”

During the episode, the “View” crew also reflected on the rancor that’s been hurled at South Carolina governor Nikki Haley who, during her response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, said it might not be a good idea for the Republican Party to build its platform on fury.

“What I found extraordinary is that now, no one has any thick skin,” Goldberg observed. “Because every candidate from Trump to Christie, they’re jumping all over Nikki Haley because they’re pissed at her because she said, ‘Look guys, [roll back the anger].’

“Everybody grow a pair, basically,” Goldberg concluded.

“What is Trump so mad at?” Behar added. “He’s a billionaire with a gorgeous wife. What’s the problem? As Charlie Sheen would say, ‘Winning!’”

Just not the election, if Behar is to be believed.