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‘The View': Joy Behar Calls Another Florida Law ‘Crazy’

Panelists are in agreement for once during Hot Topics segment

For once, the panelists of “The View” were in full agreement when it came to a controversial hot topic: Gun control.

In particular, one law was brought up as a point of discussion. In Florida, it is illegal for doctors to discuss firearm safety with patients, or discuss whether patients have guns in their house.

“It would be like if they asked you do you wear a seatbelt, do you have holes in the floor where you live, stuff like that,” said Joy Behar, who also contended it was “crazy” that such a law exists in the first place.

Paula Faris agreed.

“It’s no different than a doctor asking — especially if you have a small child — make sure there are no balloons, plastic bags,” she said. “I think this is an important conversation that parents need to be having with their children.”

Even Candace Cameron-Bure, often the most conservative of the group, was on board.

“I think it’s really smart for people whether you have guns or don’t have guns,” she said. “If you don’t want to answer it or you’re uncomfortable, that should be your right to not have that conversation, but this may be the only conversation someone is having about a gun.”

Cameron-Bure also reasoned that having a conversation isn’t the same as putting any sort of restriction on gun ownership.

“It’s a conversation, that’s all it is, a conversation,” she said. “They’re not telling you not to have a gun. they’re not restricting it in any way.”