‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Grosses Out Cohosts With ‘Visual’ That GOP ‘Lips Are Attached’ to Trump’s Butt | Video

“I don’t need it right now,” Sara Haines says, holding up a hand to stop her cohost

The View

Joy Behar has been known to be fairly explicit when it comes to jokes and metaphors on “The View,” but cohost Sara Haines couldn’t quite handle it on Thursday morning, when Behar gave her a “visual” of Republicans in congress whose “lips are attached” to Donald Trump’s butt.

That particular mental image came as the ABC hosts discussed the current state of things in the House of Representatives, as Marjorie Taylor Greene continues her attempts to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson, due to his willingness to move forward with bills that the most conservative members of the party disagree with.

“They’re also losing sight of the fact that this isn’t about a jersey you’re putting on, and a win or a loss, ’cause she said ‘This is just a win for the Democrats,” Haines said of those looking to remove him. “No. This could help the Ukranians, this could help the Israelis, this could help the people in Gaza, this could help the border. There’s a lot at stake here.”

But, as the hosts reminded viewers, Donald Trump has been outspoken against many of these ideas, despite the fact that he holds no political office anymore. And as a result, his supporters are working to block certain measures.

“Isn’t it all about kissing the butt of Trump?” Behar said. “It’s like their lips are attached to his butt!”

But at that, Sara Haines held up a hand to stop Behar, begging for a different mental image.

“That’s giving me a visual, and I don’t need it right now,” she said.

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.


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