‘The View’: Joy Behar Slams ‘Liar and Denier’ Ron Johnson for False Claims About Capitol Rioters (Video)

“This is the party of the future on the Republican side,” the co-host says

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“The View” co-host Joy Behar blasted Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson for implying that fake Trump supporters led the charge on the Capitol Riots last month. “Ron Johnson has become the perfect face for the Republican party,” Behar said on Tuesday’s show. “He’s a liar, a denier, he floats crazy conspiracy theories, hoping that his followers will be gullible enough to listen to him and believe it. This is the party of the future on the Republican side.”

Whoopi Goldberg showed a clip of Johnson’s recent testimony, where instead of talking about the police preparation, he cited a first-hand account from ring-wing security analyst J. Michael Waller and blamed the police, liberals, and “fake Trump supporters” for the insurrection. She then asked her co-hosts for their thoughts.

“There’s no logic to what he’s saying,” Behar argued angrily. “Why would liberals disguise themselves as Trump supporters to protest an election they just won? And according to them, Nancy Pelosi planned death threats against herself and then broke into her own office to take selfies? None of this makes any sense. He’s making Marjorie Taylor Greene look normal now.”

“We hear so much about cancel culture, but what we don’t want is a culture of accountability,” added Sunny Hostin. “They don’t want a consequence culture. And this is what it results in. I was struck so much by what Johnson was saying. Blame everyone else — fake Trump supporters, he said that the protestors were jovial, friendly, they had an earnest demeanor — but he had nothing to say about those who lost their lives, like an officer, because of the rioters.”

Hostin also referenced Tucker Carlson’s recent claim that there was “no evidence of white supremacy” at the riots, to which Behar responded, “Tucker Carlson needs to be tied up and put in the corner somewhere so we never hear from him again.”

We think a lot of people would agree with that.

You can watch the clip below.


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