‘The View’: Joy Behar Tees Off on Marco Rubio’s Debate Performance: ‘Wasn’t Groundhog Day Last Week?’

“Marco Rubio seemed to be stuck in rewind,” Whoopi Goldberg said of Florida senator’s redundant line about President Obama

The View February 8 2016

Donald Trump is no longer the favorite target of “The View” panelists this election season.

After Saturday’s GOP debate, the co-hosts poked fun at the entire Republican field by re-enacting the awkward introduction of the candidates during the New Hampshire scrimmage.

Michelle Collins said she loved the entrance, particularly Ben Carson missing his cue.

“Ben Carson looked like he was at Starbucks waiting for his latte,” she said. “They called your latte, Ben, grab it!”

Once the candidates got on stage, Marco Rubio became the topic of most of the conversation.

The Florida senator drew attention from the media — and from Chris Christie — for repeating what seemed to be a rehearsed line about President Barack Obama at least three times during the debate.

“Marco Rubio seemed to be stuck in rewind,” said Whoopi Goldberg.

“Wasn’t Groundhog Day last week?” added Joy Behar.

The ladies actually had uncharacteristically kind words for Trump, who called out some hecklers. “Sometimes he is interesting, that’s for sure,” said Behar.

The debate was the last for the Republican candidates before the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, Feb. 9.