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Joy Behar Slams Trump for ‘Shaking Down’ Supporters: ‘Stop Sending Him Money’ (Video)

”The View“ co-host says losing the election means cash money for the sitting president

On Monday’s episode of “The View,” Joy Behar scolded people who have continued to donate money to the Trump campaign after he lost the election — and scolded the president himself for “shaking down” his supporters “to the tune of $170 million.”

That’s how much money Trump’s leadership PAC has made from his rants about a “rigged” election, despite his claims of voter fraud being found completely baseless again and again. A leadership PAC, or political action committee, can raise funds to be used for anything from travel expenses to other politicians’ campaigns within the party. For that reason, Trump’s PAC has been flagged as a way for him to continue to use his influence over the Republican party in the future.

“Not to sound like a broken record, but this has been very lucrative for him to keep saying that he won,” Behar said. “He keeps shaking down his supporters to the tune of $170 million that he is now collecting. It’s fascinating. To lose is to gain all this money for him.”

Behar continued: “I don’t think he would have made this much money if he’d stayed in office. He has convinced these people that he has won, and they keep sending him these small donations. I feel bad for these people. And let me just say something — these contributions are to his PAC — his leadership PAC — which means the money can be used for anything from membership at golf clubs, travel, rallies, even payments to himself. Cheeseburgers, a new wife —  anything he wants to buy, he can buy with this $170 million.”

Then she spoke directly to viewers.

“You guys out there, stop sending him money. Stop it! It’s ridiculous.”

Watch the clip below.