‘The View’ Co-Host Meghan McCain Accuses Show of ‘Liberal Bias’: ‘We Never Talked About Hunter Biden’

“What I find interesting is not the stories we talk about, but the stories we don’t talk about,” McCain says

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On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” Meghan McCain called out her own show for their “liberal bias,” saying: “What I find interesting is not the stories we talk about, but the stories we don’t talk about. We never talked about Hunter Biden … if Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump Jr. coughed in the wrong directions we talk about it.”

McCain has frequently called attention to her conservative views clashing with those of her more liberal co-hosts. But on Wednesday’s show, she specifically made reference to the fact that most of the subjects chosen for “Hot Topics” contain issues that are pro-liberal, essentially calling out the producers of her own show for their bias.

The co-hosts discussed two recent on-air mistakes from Fox News concerning Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and when asked by Whoopi Goldberg if she thought the media had a right to fact-check stories before the public sees them, McCain ended up defending the conservative network. After asserting that she remains the token conservative woman on the show, McCain went on to complain about her feelings against liberal media, and called out CNN and MSNBC for being just as bad as Fox News.

“There’s a reason why Fox is killing it in the ratings and laps everyone else. It’s because it seems like it’s rigged every place else. You think Jim Acosta isn’t an activist? I don’t have any trust in people on CNN,” McCain said. “I take such umbrage at this entire concept that liberal media which runs all of media, all of tech, all of entertainment, all of music, all three branches of government, I’m supposed to feel bad that Fox News has like, two things that have been inaccurate? I mean let’s go down the list of things on CNN and NBC that are inaccurate.”


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