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‘The View': Meghan McCain Complains, ‘No Need to Slobber Over Joe Biden’ After First Formal Presser

”Our role in the Fourth Estate is to hold his feet to the fire,“ the co-host says

President Biden gave his first official press conference Thursday and pretty much every co-host of “The View” had a positive reaction — well, every co-host except Meghan McCain, who didn’t see the need to fawn over Biden’s words.

“There is no need to slobber all over Joe Biden right now,” she asserted on Friday’s show, going on to proclaim that “our role in the Fourth Estate is to hold his feet to the fire.”

As the lone Republican on “The View,” McCain often has a harsh difference of opinion when it comes to politics. But what makes these comments even weirder is that McCain has a notable personal relationship with Joe Biden, which she referenced at the beginning of her comments as if it would soften the blow of her remarks.

“I just want to start this out by saying that I love President Biden as a person,” she said. “But I believe our role in the Fourth Estate as journalists and as commentators is to hold the president and the press’ feet to the fire. And I have to separate my emotions from calling balls and strikes on this.”

McCain’s criticisms centered largely on the fact that President Biden didn’t answer questions about hotbed topics like COVID-19 or the recent border crisis and that he didn’t take questions from conservative press during his talk, including outlets like Fox News that have publicly billed themselves as “the loyal opposition” to the Biden administration (according to Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch). She then went on to offer up a hypothetical scenario of Trump being in Biden’s shoes and talked about how the media — including her own show — would have treated him.

“I think it is incumbent on us and the press not to be deleterious in the way that we cover President Biden,” McCain said. “Just because President Trump was so awful and so disrespectful to the press, which I think we’re all in agreement in, doesn’t mean we should be giving President Biden free passes. I don’t think he answered nearly enough questions that I, for one, would have liked to see him answer. And I think the coverage of it has been really disconcerting. We did not give this levity to President Obama or to President Trump, so I don’t know why we’re giving him so much of it right now given that he’s been serving in office for over 50 years.”

Unsurprisingly, co-host Joy Behar pushed back on McCain’s comments.

“I think it has a lot to do with the fact that he wasn’t lying. He didn’t tell reporters to shut up. He didn’t come up with some nasty name for somebody. So, we have to give him time, give him a break,” Behar said. “As he goes forward, they’ll be asking tougher questions.”

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