‘The View’: Meghan McCain Says Trump Should Be Reinstated on Facebook

The co-host notes she’s been going back and forth on it, though

The View

The hosts of “The View” are torn when it comes to Facebook’s decision to uphold its current ban of former president Donald Trump from its platforms. Discussing the move during their “Hot Topics” on Wednesday, the hosts all agreed that the initial ban was the right move but were unsure of what should happen going forward. Only Meghan McCain outright said that Trump should eventually be allowed back on.

“This is a tough one,” McCain said. “I agreed with the initial ban, just because it incited violence, then I thought it would be reinstated.”

Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar agreed there are limits to the concept of free speech and that Trump is too dangerous to be allowed back on Facebook or Instagram. Host Sara Haines, however, argued that if the point of banning Trump was to “cut his mic,” then it hasn’t worked (especially considering that Trump has now launched his own social media-esque blog). In that respect, McCain agreed.

“As a general rule, just in life period, I like to know what my enemies are thinking and saying and doing, because then you can be more prepared,” McCain added. “And just because he won’t be on Facebook — there’s a reason why places like 4chan and like the dark areas of the web exist and are very popular. It’s because they’re deplatformed other places. So just because we can’t see it in front of us, doesn’t mean it’s not there.”

Considering that logic, McCain definitively said she believes Trump should be reinstated on Facebook, but noted that his account should be monitored and censored if need be.

“I’m very conflicted on this one. I’ve gone back and forth on it all morning,” McCain finished.


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