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‘The View’ Slow-Claps Mitch McConnell for Finally ‘Admitting What Happened 6 Weeks Ago’ (Video)

”Mitch had to grow a pair and acknowledge it,“ Whoopi Goldberg says

“The View” had a field day with Mitch McConnell’s decision to finally acknowledge Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the President and Vice President-Elect on Wednesday’s episode, calling out the Senate majority leader for waiting this long to admit “what happened six weeks ago.”

Whoopi Goldberg opened up the floor by asking her co-hosts whether they thought “Is he really ready to work with Joe and Kamala?” adding that “Mitch had to sort of grow a pair and acknowledge it.”

Ana Navarro came out of the gate with a lot of criticisms for McConnell.

“I think it’s fairly ridiculous that we have to be congratulating Mitch McConnell six weeks after Joe Biden won for admitting what happened six weeks ago. The courts decided, the voters decided, the certifications happened, the electors voted, and this guy was still holding out because he’s afraid of the reaction that Donald Trump is having now, which may cost him his job as Senate Majority Leader,” she said.

Then she threw shade at the Republicans in the House of Representatives who still support Trump — and suspects that they may not be done trying to flip the election back in his favor.

“But I’m glad to hear that Mitch McConnell is telling the Republicans in the Senate not to give any oxygen to this idea coming from some of the really stupid Trump-minion Republicans in the House who are planning some shenanigans when the electoral votes get certified in January,” she said. “That is a scam, a grift, it’s stupid, it’s idiotic it’s moronic, and it’s un-American.”

Joy Behar responded with her characteristic sarcasm.

“Well, I don’t know what he’s up to because I’m not a criminal profiler, but it looks as though what he’s doing right now is putting him in a corner with the Georgian Republicans who are Trump supporters. He’s saying the truth — why, by the way, he gets no credit for saying the truth,” she said. “He and [former Attorney General William Barr] and all the rest of them who are coming around just waited to see how far the coup would go. If the coup took place and they could retain all their power and their money, then they would have gone in the other direction. They saw the writing on the wall because — thank you, Jesus — the American people voted correctly, and we do have some very upstanding Republicans in the world, in this country.”

But she added that she’s not sure what McConnell’s game plan is considering the Georgia runoff elections coming up in January, which will determine which party has the majority in the U.S. Senate.

“I don’t know what he’s up to, because it seems to me that now he says, ‘Yes, Biden won’ — so now doesn’t that mean that the cult isn’t going to be happy and they’re not going to vote in Georgia?” she said of Republicans. “He might have done the Democrats another favor.”