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‘The View’ on Joan Rivers’ Doctor Selfie: ‘What’s Gonna Happen When You Go to the Gynecologist?’ (Video)

Whoopi Goldberg plans to protect herself by putting an iPhone ”in there“

Just one day after an explosive report surfaced claiming Joan Rivers‘ doctor snapped a selfie while the 81-year-old was under anesthesia during her throat procedure, the women of “The View” ruminated on how they would protect themselves against such a foul invasion of privacy.

Calling Rivers’ doctor a “schmuck,” Whoopi Goldberg said this never would have happened in the past prior to the rise of social media.

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“What’s gonna happen when you go to the gynecologist?” asked co-host Rosie Perez.

Goldberg joked that she has a plan to protect herself.

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“You know what’s going to happen with me?” Goldberg said. “I’ll have an iPhone in there. I’m taking their picture.”

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Both Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell then spread their legs wide towards the audience. O’Donnell shouted, “Smile!”

Take a little time to enjoy THAT view!  Thanks for the moment of levity, ladies.

Watch the clip above.