‘The View’ Panelists Think Donald Trump’s Nomination Is Inevitable

“They’re scared of him,” says Joy Behar of other Republican presidential candidates

The View Feb 22 2016

“The View” panelists have accepted that Donald Trump is going to clinch the Republican presidential nomination.

On Monday’s edition of the ABC daytime show, Whoopi Goldberg wondered if the other candidates waited too long to take Trump seriously as a challenger.

“They’re scared of him, it seems,” said Joy Behar. “Or afraid to go against him because they’ll lose his voters. That’s what the fearfulness has been about. And Jeb Bush who’s — bye, he’s gone… He at least used to say stuff about Trump. The rest of them, don’t you agree, they’re sort of scared of him?”

Numbers and history are also on Trump’s side.

“They’ve waited too long and I think it’s inevitable,” said co-host Paula Faris. “The nominee has never lost South Carolina and New Hampshire. He won both of those. Whoever wins South Carolina and New Hampshire always goes on to be the nominee. I think at this point it’s almost inevitable.”

But just because Trump’s nomination seems like an inevitability, the ladies still aren’t happy with his actions thus far.

Goldberg took issue with Trump’s wishy-washy stance on social media, noting how Trump has denied that he knew he was retweeting posts by white supremacist groups.

“He said, ‘I don’t know anything about that, I don’t know about retweeting, you tweet somebody and they turn out to be white supremacists, I know nothing about these groups that are supporting me,’” Goldberg recounted.

“But yesterday he says, I have 14 million people between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. ‘I retweet things, we start dialogues, it’s very interesting.’ Make up your mind, man. Do you know or don’t you know?”