‘The View’ Host Alyssa Farah Griffin Argues Prince William’s Holiday Card Wasn’t Extravagant Enough: ‘It’s Giving Normal’ | Video

“They’re wanting to look normal, but the end of the day, they’re royals,” the ABC host says

The View

Fans of the royal family were pretty underwhelmed by Prince William’s family Christmas card this year, and “The View” host Alyssa Farah Griffin was among them. According to the ABC host, the photo was a bit too “normal.”

The photo, posted last week, is a simple shot of Prince William and Kate Middleton and their kids, all casually dressed in a button-down shirt and jeans. There are no jewels, no suits, and really nothing formal about it — it’s even shot in black and white.

And while most of the women at the table enjoyed it — host Ana Navarro was mostly just impressed that all three kids looked happy and were smiling — Alyssa Farah Griffin didn’t think it was quite right for the occasion.

“I didn’t love it as a holiday card,” she said. “It is a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous family. I guess they took it earlier in the year. It’s giving normal. They’re wanting to look normal, but the end of the day, they’re royals.”

She continued, “You got crown jewels. I know you have excellent decorations, you’ve got castles, I want to see all of that in my Christmas photo!”

At the end of the day though, Navarro argued that it really didn’t matter what the photo looked like.

“Honestly, if you are criticizing a Christmas ornament, or if you’re criticizing a Christmas card, people! You’re missing the reason for the season,” she said.

You can watch the full discussion from “The View” in the video above.


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