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‘The View': Rep Cori Bush on Being Booed for Denouncing White Supremacy: ‘Your Colors Showed’ (Video)

One of Bush’s first speeches as a congresswoman was met with a chorus of ”boos“ from Republican representatives

During one of her first speeches as a member of Congress last week, U.S. Representative Cori Bush called out “white supremacist in chief” Donald Trump and called for his second impeachment, earning her a chorus of “boos” from Republicans on the House floor.

But on Monday’s special Martin Luther King Jr. Day episode of “The View,” Bush explained to co-host Sunny Hostin that she wasn’t surprised by the negative reaction. Instead, she viewed it as her fellow representatives showing their true colors. (You can watch the speech that got her booed here).

“I could believe it,” Bush said. “If you want to deflect, if you want to take the attention off of you, you know, ‘I wanna play the blame game.’ It’s sad, though, that we’re talking about actual leaders… These people are supposed to represent approximately 750,000 people who look like me, who look like you, who are Black and brown, our Native American community members, and this is what you think?”

But when it came to calling out white supremacy, she said, “First of all, it had to be done.”

“We can no longer — and not saying that we always have — but from the floor, the House floor, we cannot sit back and allow a president to come against our democracy. And not only that, he has emboldened so many other leaders and elected officials and community members to do the same. So what do you do? You take it from here,” she continued, motioning to her neck. “And that’s what I did. We’ll call you exactly what you are. You’re a white supremacist president — white supremacist in chief — and only for a few more days.”

For Bush, the booing was worth it to get her message across.

“When they booed me, I was like, ‘OK, we’re good,’ because you know what? You heard me. You weren’t on your phones, you weren’t talking, having conversations,” she said. “Oh, you heard every word I said. And your colors showed. You showed us how you really feel about it — you want to hold white supremacy.”

Watch “The View” clip below.

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