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‘The View’ Roasts Republicans for Silence About Trump: ‘How Do You Sleep at Night?’ (Video)

Over the weekend, journalist Carl Bernstein released the names of 21 Republican senators who privately denounced Trump

On Monday, “The View” praised Republican leaders who have openly admitted that it’s time for Donald Trump to concede — and scolded those who’ve remained silent during his attempts to subvert election results.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney have all said they believe it’s time for Trump to admit he lost the presidential election to Joe Biden. But over the weekend, journalist Carl Bernstein — who reported on the Watergate scandal for the Washington Post — released the names of 21 Republican senators who have privately expressed their contempt for the sitting president but have remained publicly mute. Bernstein called them out for helping to “enable” Trump to undermine the electoral system, and the “View” co-hosts echoed that sentiment.

Whoopi Goldberg opened up the discussion by asking, “What is it going to take to get people going? We can all just get together and sing, ‘The party’s over.'”

“The View” co-host Ana Navarro had a strong message for Republicans who are too afraid to put country before party.

“I ask those Republicans shaking in cowardice: What are your children going to say when they get confronted by your cowardice in 20 and 30 years? When they get asked, ‘What did your dad do when he was a senator?’ and the answer is, ‘Stay in silence while a mad man tried to steal and reverse the elections’?” she asked. “History matters, and they are going to go down in shame for this very dark period in American history.”

Goldberg added, “Am I crazy or does it feels like there’s a coup trying to happen?”

“I hope to God there’s no coups happening, but I 100% agree with Ana right now,” said “The View” co-host Sara Haines. “What runs through my head is, how do you sleep at night? We’re in the throes of a global pandemic. This peaceful transfer of power falls on more than just the president and his administration. It falls on everyone in D.C. and everyone in this country. We are hearing that the fact that we’re not agreeing, which most of us are, how this election turned out — this could delay the vaccine.”

Watch the clip below.