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‘The View': Rob Reiner Rips Donald Trump’s ‘Ignorance, Bigotry, Xenophobia, Racism’ (Video)

If presumptive GOP nominee wasn’t a celebrity, ”He’d be a crazy man in the park on a soapbox that you’d walk by,“ director opines

Suffice it to say, Rob Reiner will not be casting his ballot for Donald Trump this November.

The “When Harry Met Sally…” director ripped into the presumptive GOP presidential nominee Wednesday while guesting on “The View.” “If Donald Trump wasn’t a celebrity, if there was a man that said the things that he has said, he’d be a crazy man in the park on a soapbox that you’d walk by,” Reiner said.

“Between banning Muslims, throwing out Latinos, women being punished,” he said, “it’s an astounding list of ignorance and bigotry and xenophobia and racism.”

The strong Trump attack from the vocal Hillary Clinton supporter continued, as Reiner opined that the former “Apprentice” host “has absolutely no ability, has no understanding of how the world works.”

So why does Trump have so much support from the right, then? Reiner blamed the candidate’s following on what he called “the Kardashian-ization of America.”

Watch the video above.

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